Gainesville’s openGNV initiative aims to establish an infrastructure that improves access to city data and fosters citizen engagement. openGNV ushers in a new era of open and accountable government meant to bridge the gap between Gainesville residents and their government. Learn more about these opportunities:


A mobile and web-based application to quickly submit issues such as graffiti, potholes, overgrown lots, and damaged or missing street signs in the City of Gainesville. Provide city staff with the GPS location of an issue, attach relevant images of a problem, and track progress made towards resolution.


An open data portal that utilizes technology to increase public access to city data to help residents make more informed decisions improve the quality of life in our community. This site contains raw data, including utility usage, active businesses, city budget and expenditures, and multiple visualizations.


A centralized performance measurement dashboard where citizens can explore metrics and view results of our Operational Performance Measures (departments’ routine functions and activities) and Strategic Initiative Updates (City Commission projects and programs).

Open Budget

Increased transparency and accessibility are key City of Gainesville priorities to foster greater public participation in the budget process. Citizens may view and interact with the proposed FY 2019 budget online using the Open Budget platform. Open Budget features both summary and detailed data on city revenues and where those revenues are proposed to be spent.