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To better serve you as one of the City of Gainesville's retirees, the Risk Management Department has posted the Now That You Are Retired Brochure as a reference guide for those questions that may arise after you retire.  Information in this brochure may not apply to all retirees or may change over time.

As a City of Gainesville retiree you will receive annual notification of scheduled open enrollment meetings and of your option to enroll in the City of Gainesville’s Health Insurance Plan for retirees. These meetings are usually scheduled in the fall and cover any changes to the plan beginning in January of the following year.

For your review, we have developed the Retiree Benefits Program brochure which gives a brief overview of your benefits as a retiree. In addition, as required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the 2016 Summary of Benefits and Coverage will provide additional summary information regarding the Health Plan.

All of the City of Gainesville’s Benefit Forms, as well additional helpful information, are available via the Benefit Forms Link. Here you will find forms for Retiree Health Insurance, available under the Health Insurance Folder and the Retiree Health Savings (RHS) account forms, including the RHS Reimbursement Form and the RHS Direct Deposit Form, from ICMA-RC located in the RHS folder. Also available are the W4P, Direct Deposit and a Change of Information Form just for retirees all located in the Retirees Folder.

Don’t forget you must annually recertify your eligibility to receive a pension benefit from the City if you are a member of one of the Defined Benefit Pension Plans. You will receive a notification in the mail after the Open Enrollment Meetings in the fall. If you attend one of these Open Enrollment meetings you will have the opportunity to sign your recertification card at that time. Take advantage of these meeting to learn more about the health insurance plan and the new Medicare Supplement Plans offered by the City, as well as recertify for your pension benefit. If Risk Management does not receive this card, your monthly pension benefit will stop until you comply with all the requirements.

Listed below are several website links you may find helpful as a retiree. We hope you are enjoying your retirement!