Street Lighting

The Public Works Department provides over 12,000 streetlights on roadways in the City of Gainesville.  These lights, with limited exception, are owned, operated, and maintained by GRU.  Streetlights are installed in accordance with the City of Gainesville Standard Practice for Public Lighting along public roadways to promote safety of all users.  The standard streetlight in most areas of the city is the high pressure sodium cutoff style "cobra" light.  These lights are used due to their energy efficiency, long life, consistent light output, and minimal glare.

Along local residential streets, the standard lighting requirement includes lighting fixtures at critical areas such as intersections, high volume driveway connections and curves. Mid-block fixtures are generally installed every 200 to 300 feet.  Lighting on collector and arterial roadways is designed to meet particular photometric requirements based upon the city's adopted practice.

In March of 2013, the department completed a 2 year pilot project to evaluate the savings potential of LED streetlights in downtown Gainesville.  Learn more about that project here.

To report a streetlight outage:
Please use GRU’s online streetlight repair request form or call (352) 334-3434. When possible, include the pole number with the request. 

To request a new streetlight or change to an existing street light:
In the City of Gainesville contact the City of Gainesville Public Works Department at (352) 334-5070 or


Outside city limits contact Alachua County Public Works Department at (352) 374-5245.

For private rental lighting:
GRU offers rental lights for residential and commercial customers. Find more information on the GRU website or call (352) 334-3434.
Download our printable Citizens' Guide to Streetlights.


Last updated November 4, 2013