Residential Yard Waste

Yard Waste

yard debris set out for colleciton in brown plastic can, brown paper bags and in a pile of sticksYard Waste materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and branches are collected curbside weekly from residential homes in the City of Gainesville. Only residential homes serviced through the City of Gainesville's Residential Curbside Service Program are eligible for this service.

Weekly yard waste collection anticipates volumes from the routine upkeep and maintenance of residential yard work performed by the homeowner(s) or occupant(s). Larger volumes of material generated from land clearing activities, larger tree debris piles, and storm debris piles may require additional collection time. Tree debris generated from work performed by tree service contractors (i.e., tree surgeons or landscapers) must be hauled off by the contractor per City of Gainesville Ordinance Ch. 27-73.11.

Yard waste set out in plastic bags will not be collected. black plastic bag full with red x meaning no plastic bags

Yard Waste Collection Guidelines