Residential Yard Waste

Yard Waste

yard debris set out for colleciton in brown plastic can, brown paper bags and in a pile of sticksYard Waste materials (also called "yard trash") such as leaves, grass clippings, and branches are collected curbside weekly from residential homes in the City of Gainesville. Only residential homes serviced through the City of Gainesville's Residential Curbside Service Program are eligible for this service.

Collection Guidelines for Yard Waste

  • Place your yard waste curbside for collection by 7 AM on your scheduled collection day (same day as your garbage collection day). Remove all yard waste containers from the curb between collection days (remove by 9 PM on the day collection has occurred). Repeat offenders not removing carts, bins or containers from the curb can be issued a $35 service charge per occurrence.


  • Leaves and grass clippings, along with small piles of limbs and twigs must be containerized in brown paper lawn & leaf bags or personal reusable yard waste containers. Lawn & leaf bags or personal containers weighing more than 40 pounds cannot be collected. Loose yard waste materials set out in piles cannot be collected.
  • Larger branches may be set out curbside in manageably-sized piles allowing for hand collection of materials. Branches set out for collection can be no longer than 5 feet in length, no larger than 8 inches in diameter, or weigh no more than 40 pounds per piece.
  • ❌ Avoid setting out branches in piles exceeding two (2) cubic yards in size. Multiple smaller, manageably-sized branch piles will make it easier and more efficient for collection crews.
  • Branches must be no longer than 5 feet in length, no larger than 8 inches in diameter, or weigh no more than 40 pounds per piece.
  • Allow at least 4 feet of clearance between your trash cart and any yard waste bags, containers, or piles you set out for collection.
  • ❌ Avoid placing your yard trash bags, containers, or piles in the street, as this may result in materials entering and then clogging storm drains. Blocked storm drains can increase the potential for flooding and mosquitoes in your neighborhood. Yard waste materials in brown paper bags or piles should be set out curbside as near as possible to the traveled portion of the street without being placed in the street.
  • ❌ Yard waste set out for collection in plastic bags cannot be collected. Residents setting out yard waste in plastic bags will need to remove the yard waste from the plastic bags or arrange for a special collection that will include additional fees.
  • > All yard waste must be free of garbage, litter, or other non-regulated yard waste. ❌ Do NOT set out unacceptable yard waste materials, such as lumber, boards, or other manufactured materials for yard waste collection.
  • > There is no weekly volume limit on the amount of yard waste that can be set out curbside for collection.
  • ❌ Personal reusable yard waste containers does not include orange or blue recycle bins. Orange and blue recycle bins are provided to households for the sole purpose of holding bottles, cans, cardboard, and other papers for recycling collection. The City of Gainesville reserves the right to remove recycle bins not used for their intended purpose.

Large Branches & Tree Stumps

Residents are responsible for the removal and disposal of tree stumps and all branches over 5 feet in length, larger than 8 inches in diameter, or weighing more than 40 pounds. A list of licensed haulers is available for residents to hire for the removal of this material. Tree service contractors must haul off all tree debris resulting from services performed (City of Gainesville Ordinance 27-73. 11).

Lawn & Leaf Bags

Brown paper lawn & leaf bags can be purchased at most hardware stores and many grocery stores. The elimination of plastic bags from the yard waste significantly reduces the cost of processing and reusing the yard waste. Also, getting rid of plastic bags results in a reduction in greenhouse gasses generated in the manufacturing of plastic bags in the first place.

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