Residential Recycling

Recycling Collection Services

woman place orange and blue recycle bins out for collection near black trash cartRecycling benefits us and the environment in numerous ways. Recycling conserves natural resources, lowers Greenhouse Gas emissions, reduces the need for new landfills, saves energy, reduces air and water pollution, and helps to create jobs domestically. Make a difference by actively and correctly participating in the City of Gainesville’s Curbside Recycling Program.

Collection Guidelines for Recycling

  • Set recycling bins out by 7 AM on your scheduled collection day (same day as your garbage collection day). Remove your recycle bins from the curb between collection days (removed by 9 PM the day collection has occurred). Repeat offenders not removing carts, bins or containers from the curb can be issued a $35 service charge per occurrence.
  • Only place accepted materials for recycling in your recycle bins.

image of woman with long ponytail questioning what goes in the blue recycle bin and what goes in the orange recycle bine

Find Out What Can Be Recycled

  • Place recycle bins at least 4 feet on each side from garbage carts, yard waste, or other obstacles.

recycle bins set at least four feet from black trash cart

  • Help prevent litter and keep papers dry by setting your blue bin on top of your orange bin.
  • Help prevent litter and keep papers dry by setting your blue bin on top of your orange bin.
  • ❌ Never put your recyclables in plastic bags.
  • > Contact the City before moving and leave the recycle bins behind for use by the new residents.
  • > To request replacement recycle bins or request additional recycle bins, call 352-334-2330 or submit a request online. There is no charge for replacement or additional recycle bins.

Request Recycle Bins

  • > Orange and blue recycle bins are provided to households for the sole purpose of holding bottles, cans, cardboard, and other papers for recycling collection. The City of Gainesville reserves the right to remove recycle bins not used for their intended purpose.