Residential Collection

Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste & Bulk Item Pick up Collection Services

trash cart set out for collection curbside along with recycle bins and yard wasteThe Solid Waste Division oversees residential collection services within the limits of the City of Gainesville. Residential collection services for Garbage, Recycling (bottles, cans, papers), Yard Waste (yard trash), and Bulk Item Pick Up (furniture) are carried out by the City’s contractor Waste Corporation of America (WCA). Collections services for Appliances and Electronics are available by appointment. The combined collection services are charged to residents on their monthly Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU) bill under the heading “Refuse.”



Yard Waste

Bulk Item Pick Up

Report A Missed Collection

Collection services are once a week for residential homes on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. To determine your collection day, visit the online interactive collection schedule map or call (352) 334-2330. During scheduled holiday weeks collections will be delayed by one day after the observed holiday day.

Find Out Your Collection Day

collection day map

Click on the map to find out your collection day

Start/Stop Services

Residential solid waste services (garbage & recycling) within the City of Gainesville are linked with your utility services provided by Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). The start, stop or relocate service, please visit GRU. Each home should already have an assignedgarbage cart and recycling bins (blue and orange bins). If you are missing a garbage cart or recycle bins, or would like to change your trash cart size please contact the Solid Waste Division at (352) 334-2330. Requests for replacement or additional recycling bins can also be submitted online. There is no additional fee for new or replacement recycling bins.

Right Size Your Garbage Cart

Residents are encouraged to make less waste and save money by selecting the garbage cart size that best fits their needs. New residents have 30 days after initiating services at a home to request a garbage cart size change without being charged an additional fee. After 30 days, there will be a $13.50 service fee for changing cart size. Please contact the Solid Waste Division at (352) 334-2330 to request a garbage cart size change.

all four black trash cart sizes lined up

Mini-cart (20 gallons) 1 kitchen-sized bag per week $18.50
Small (35 gallons) 2 to 3 kitchen-sized bags per week $24.00
Medium (64 gallons) 4 to 5 kitchen-sized bags per week $29.75
Large (96 gallons) 6 to 7 kitchen-sized bags per week $37.00
*additional fees for backyard collection services

Services Credits

Residents may petition for service credits related to their refuse services by contacting the Solid Waste Division at (352) 334-2330 or by email. Each service credit request must by the individual named on the service account for one of the following reasons:

  • > Billing errors (i.e., charged for wrong sized garbage cart).
  • > Extended periods of one month or more without collection services. Missed collections must have been reported to and documented by the Solid Waste Division. Delayed collection services are not eligible for service credits.
  • > Vacation credits require the homeowner to notify the Solid Waste Division in writing at the begging and end of the vacation period, and the home must have been vacant for more than 90 days to be eligible for this credit.

Please allow time for Solid Waste Division staff to process your request.