Recycling Bins

Your recycling day is the same as your garbage collection day. Recyclable items must be placed at the curb by 7 a.m., and removed from the curb by 9 p.m. on your collection day.  Place the recycle bins at least four feet from the garbage cart to prevent interference & spillage.  

To get a recycling bin, call (352) 334-2330 or click below to order online:
  • Order a recycle bin
  • Schedule a large appliance or electronics pickup

  • Bulk items such as furniture, do it yourself inside construction and other inside items too large for your garbage cart are automatically picked up - there is no need to call in to schedule them.

    Recycling Guidelines





    All recycling must be empty and clean. No Styrofoam, plastic bags or film allowed. 

    Aluminum and steel cans:

     Including aerosol and aluminum bottles



    Glass bottles and jars:

    No drinking glasses, dishes, or other ceramics.  No broken glass or mirrors.

    Find out what happens to your recycled material after it leaves the curb.

    If the item you wish to recycle is not accepted at curbside, check out the A-Z Recycling Source for alternative ways to locally recycle all types of materials.

    To learn about other types of collection, follow the links below: