Composting & Organics Recycling

Backyard Composting is easy, fun, and a great way to enhance your garden. Composting is a sustainable practice that has been around since the dawn of civilization and is a basic component of organic gardening and farming today. Composting at home provides you with a valuable and natural soil amendment at a fraction of the cost of buying bagged product. Adding compost to your yard will improve soil structure, increase the soil’s water retention capacity, and hold nutrients in the soil for a longer time for plants to absorb.

person with palms out full of compost

Helpful Home Composting Links

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Stopping Food Waste

The U.S. EPA estimates that one-third of the food we produce and buy in the United States gets tossed into landfills. That totals up to over 133 billion pounds of food waste a year! Wasted food negatively affects our society, economy, and environment. Buying only what you need, properly storing food, and donating unwanted food items are all ways you can help prevent food waste. You can also reduce food waste by composting food scraps in your backyard composting pile or bringing your food waste to a local compost drop-off location.

EPA Food Recovery hierarchy
EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy

Helpful Food Waste Related Links

Local Food Waste/Composting Drop-off Locations

Beaten Path Compost has two food waste drop-off locations in Gainesville for the composting of food scraps such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, and breads. No meat or bones, please. There is no cost to the public to drop-off food waste at these locations; however, only food waste material is accepted and only use the carts marked "Compost" on the front.


    two black compost carts> 4th Avenue Food Park - 409 SW 4th Ave. (the compost carts are on the east side of the fence behind the dumpsters)

    > Afternoon restaurant - 231 NW 10th Ave. (the compost carts are located behind the restaurant near the dumpsters)

      Beaten Path Compost also provides residential and commercial food waste collection services for a modest fee. For more information, contact Beaten Path Compost at


      Two Farms, One Dream offers residential and commercial compost collection service in the Gainesville area, as well as a bucket exchange program at their booth at Haile’s Saturday’s farmer market.