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Public Notice of Intent to Apply for Rebuild Florida Planning Support Program Grant – Hogtown Creek Watershed Management Plan

The Public Works Department is soliciting feedback from neighbors to include in its application for $500,000 under the Rebuild Florida General Planning Support (GPS) Program from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO). The source of the funding is the Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant – Mitigation fund. The FDEO has allocated $20 million in rarely accessible funds to the GPS program to create regional plans that will enable the state of Florida to withstand future disasters.

Project Description: The City of Gainesville will develop a Watershed Management Plan for Hogtown Creek.  The scope will include mapping of flood hazard areas and an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a letter of Map Revision to update the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the affected areas.  The plan will include; identification and conceptual planning of hazard mitigation strategies for the Hogtown Creek watershed.  The mitigation strategies will be ranked using Gainesville Compressive Plan and community goals.  Four public meeting presentations and report preparation will also be included in the scope of services.

Project Estimated Construction Cost / Grant Request:  $500,000 

Public Comment: The public is invited to participate by submitting comments by 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 30, 2020:

Proposed Application:  To request a copy of the proposed grant application, please call the City of Gainesville Public Works Department Receptionist at 352-334-5070 or send an e-mail request to:

Public Works Department

The department's mission is to manage the city's transportation, stormwater, and solid waste systems to enhance the quality of life for the Gainesville community.  We are responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and bike trails systems. We coordinate closely with the Regional Transit System to provide linkages with all our transportation alternatives.  We manage the stormwater system, the urban forest, parking program, and the county-wide traffic management system.  We provide mosquito control, streetsweeping and municipal waste, recycling, and yard debris collection services. The Public Works Strategic Plan outlines the department's goals and objectives.

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We are an accredited Public Works Agency through the American Public Works Association.  We received original accreditation in December 2007 with 100% Full Compliance.  We developed and now manage several award- winning programs such as our Clean Water Partnership and  Smarttraffic .

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