City to Remove Building at Cofrin Nature Park


The City of Gainesville plans to demolish a building located in Cofrin Nature Park, which is located at 4810 NW Eighth Ave., within the next month.

Cofrin Nature Park was acquired in 2003 from the Cofrin family, who owned the property for more than 40 years. The family wanted to see the site protected, and open to the public as a park. When the property was acquired, it contained a 4,440 square foot, two-story house formerly used as the Cofrin residence. At the time, the city pursued using the facility for restroom access and potential indoor nature classes. Evaluation of the structure has revealed that its use for these purposes is not feasible. The engineering analysis stated that building renovations to bring it up to code would need to be taken before renovation could be considered. Additionally, the structure was deemed to have no significant architectural or historical value, and thus is proposed for demolition.

Building demolition will enable the removal of hazardous materials, eliminate a septic tank that is located close to the creek thereby improving water quality, and allow for better future configuration of the park for public access and infrastructure. The City of Gainesville plans to construct a new public nature center on the site in the future. The existing public restrooms will remain, and will not be impacted by the demolition.

Cofrin Nature Park is currently closed for creek restoration and stabilization work. The park is scheduled to reopen in October and is currently on schedule. Building demolition will take place while the park is closed to avoid additional future closure or inconvenience.

For additional information, please contact Linda Demetropoulos, nature manager, at or 352-393-8445.