3-D Mural Painted This Weekend in Downtown Gainesville


The City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department and 352arts is pleased to announce Gainesville’s first 3-D mural, created by local multidisciplinary artist Daniel Vélez-Climent. This weekend on Saturday, Nov. 11 and Sunday, Nov. 12, Vélez-Climent will paint the mural titled "Shackles," at 200 NE First St., while the Downtown Festival & Art Show is occurring nearby.

"Shackles" is a reflection on how people survive the wounds they endure throughout life. Its bright colors honor and celebrate the strength in people to persevere. This community mural represents how people process these wounds in their minds and in their individual ways. "Shackles" can also be viewed through 3-D glasses, when its complexity becomes more apparent. Vélez-Climent will provide 3-D glasses onsite for the public to experience the colorful mural.

Coup d'état Community Empowerment Initiative is an award-winning project by Studio Lero Lero, transforming lives and spaces through the arts. Impacting a community always breaks the status quo and changes lives in unexpected ways. With the hands of its residents as the driving force of transformation and their voices as an anthem, this socio-artistic revolution generates an unbreakable bond between the people, their emotions and how they live within their communities.

Studio Lero Lero is a multi-disciplinary laboratory of arts, sciences and technology. Its primary mission is to educate and raise awareness through various plastic media, specializing mainly in mosaics, murals and installations, combined with landscape architecture. With a community approach, Studio Lero Lero is a tool for social and artistic development of impacted ecosystems, and serves as an ideal platform for experimenting and learning about ideas, concepts and hypotheses.

Studio Lero Lero was founded by Puerto Rican-Valencian visual artist and landscape architect Daniel Vélez-Climent, who is also known as "Lero Lero." He has a base of education and practice in architecture, landscape architecture and project management. His technical preparation is evidenced by the multi-scale vision in which he approaches each project. This holistic attitude and trans-disciplinary study has led him to the construction and specifications of spaces, as well as the use and social consequences on public and private habitats. His practice includes the vision of the architect, the artist, the humanist, the landscape architect and the designer.

This project was made possible with the support of the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, 352arts and Saul Silber Properties.