Tree Removal in Springtree Park to Remove Beetle-Infested Pines


The Florida Forest Service has recently confirmed that southern pine beetles are infesting pines in the Springtree neighborhood, including Springtree Park, which is located at 2700 NW 39th Ave. The most effective way to prevent this pest from spreading and continuing to kill trees is to cut and remove infested trees as soon as possible. Accordingly, the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department (PRCA) plans to cut and remove actively infested pines from the park, as well as some trees in the park that are already dead, which may be a threat to neighboring properties.

The southern pine beetle is a bark beetle that is deadly to pines, particularly the loblolly pine, and a large number of pines in Springtree Park have already been killed. Although this species usually only affects stressed or weakened trees, when populations are high enough, the beetles can even kill healthy trees and can spread rapidly across the landscape wherever there are pine trees. The Florida Forest Service provides additional information about the southern pine beetle on their website at

Per the direction of the Florida Forest Service, PRCA will be working with the City of Gainesville Public Works Department’s tree crew to cut and remove the affected trees. After trees are cut, they will be skidded using a tractor to a loading site near the park’s playground, where they will be loaded onto a truck and removed. The removal will avoid the use of heavy logging equipment to minimize disturbance to our neighbors and damage to the park.

PRCA appreciates the patience of park visitors and neighbors as we work to reduce the impact of this insect pest on our community’s pine trees. If you have questions about tree removal in the park, please contact PRCA at 352-393-8445. For information about the southern pine beetle, contact the Florida Forest Service at 352-395-4927.