Depot Park Playground Closed Nov. 14-21 for Improvements


Improvements to the drainage in the children’s play area at Depot Park are scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14-Monday, Nov. 21. The playground is set to reopen Tuesday, Nov. 22. During this time, the rest of the park will remain open, including the promenade, walking trails and pavilion.

The weekend programming will go on as scheduled. For information about the weekend’s events, visit the Depot Park event calendar at or call 352-393-8510. For updates on the playground maintenance, please call the CRA office at 352-393-8200.


The Gainesville CRA's goal is to build awesome things that make a difference in Gainesville, Florida. Bridging the gap between public and private investment, the agency awakens potential in underserved urban areas. Its toolkit includes: buckets of fresh paint, robust public infrastructure assistance, motivated community do-ers, economic incentives and ambitious creative vision.

The City of Gainesville established the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in 1981. The authority to establish the CRA is enabled by Sections 163.330-163.45 Florida Statutes. Redevelopment is undertaken in four distinct redevelopment districts: Downtown, Fifth Avenue Pleasant Street, College Park University Heights and the Eastside Redevelopment Areas. Redevelopment projects are coordinated in these districts by the CRA and implemented by a team of partners that includes other city departments and private citizens.