Gainesville Greenway Challenge

Year-round, take the challenge to protect Gainesville’s natural areas! The Gainesville Greenway Challenge is a year-round effort whose aim is torestore natural habitat in Gainesville by removing invasive non-native plant species that threaten ecosystem health. Join the challenge on the first Saturday of each month and help us to eradicate the region’s most aggressive invasive plants in Gainesville’s nature parks!

Every Thursday, come join us at Give Back Thursdays! Between 9 a.m.-12 p.m., we remove a variety of exotic invasives including Coral Ardisia, Ceasar's Weed and more!

Prizes for the individual and group with the most volunteer hours throughout the year will be awarded at the Great Invader Raider Rally in January!

For information on the location of these events, look up our weekly events on our Facebook page.

Groups or individuals can find out more about upcoming events for the Gainesville Greenway Challenge by signing up for the newsletter below. For more information, contact the city at or call 352-393-8425. 

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Funding for the Gainesville Greenway Challenge was provided by a Wells Fargo Environmental Solutions for Communities grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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The Great Invader Raider Rally

This year’s Great Invader Raider Rally (GIRR) will look a little bit different than normal years.  Instead of gathering in groups at local nature parks, we are going to focus more on removing non-native invasive plants where you are.  Removing harmful invasive plants from your home or neighborhood can help reduce the amount of plants that jump from the community into our nature parks. Be a part of this annual tradition and restore our natural areas! You Can Do It!

This year’s rally will take place over 4 days from February 19-22.  You can determine when, where, and for how long you volunteer! 

All registered participants will receive a free custom GIRR face mask! To register, please visit Learn more on this page