2016-2017 Self-Evaluation Process

Attachment A - ADA Self-Evaluation Process Kick-Off Memo and Selection of ADA Department Contacts

Attachment B - Public Input:  Citizens Disability Advisory Committee and Human Rights Board

Attachment C - ADA Departmental Contacts

Attachment D - Programmatic Accessibility Self-Evaluation Guidance and Questionnaire

Attachment E - Programmatic Accessibility Self-Evaluation Actual Questionnaire Responses

     E1-City Attorney

     E2-City Auditor

     E3-City Manager

     E4-Clerk of Commission

     E5-Equal Opportunity

     E6-General Manager

     E7-GG-Budget and Finance

     E8-GG-Code Enforcement


     E10-GG-Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

     E-11-GG-Economic Development & Innovation

     E-12-GG-Facilities Management

     E-13-GG-Fleet Management

     E14-GG-Gainesville Fire Rescue (GFR)

     E15-GG-Gainesville Police Department (GPD)

     E-16-GG-GRU-Human Resources

     E-17-GG-Housing and Community Development

     E-18-GG-Planning & Development

     E-19-GG-Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (with attachments)

     E-20-GG-Public Works

     E-21-GG-Risk Management

     E-22-GG-Regional Transit System (RTS)

     E-23-GRU-Community Relations


     E-25-GRU-Customer Service

     E-26-GRU-Energy Delivery

     E-27-GRU-Energy Supply



     E-30-GRU-Information Technology


Attachment F - ADA Self-Evaluation Results

Attachment G - Formal Implementation & Transition Plan