City Resumes Normal Operations Tuesday, July 6


All city departments are preparing to staff facilities during normal working hours of Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. beginning Tuesday, July 6.

That said, neighbors are encouraged to interact via phone, email, and other electronic means, where possible. Neighbors are required to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing guidelines when in city facilities at this time.

If an employee or neighbor chooses to forgo vaccination, they should remember the State of Florida has limited local government's ability to restrict access to facilities based on vaccination status of an individual. However, the city is within its jurisdiction to require masks as and take temperatures for neighbors and community builders in its facilities.

If a neighbor or community builder wishes to voluntarily show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, they may enter city facilities without a mask.

The city has ensured sufficient PPE supplies are available (e.g., hand sanitizer and face coverings) for neighbor and community builder use.

Employee & Neighbor Health and Safety

All community builders and neighbors are encouraged to get vaccinated. The city is not requiring community builders to be vaccinated as a condition of returning to the workplace, nor will the lack of a vaccination or verification of vaccination status exempt the community builder from returning to the workplace.

Community builders and neighbors who choose to forgo the opportunity to be vaccinated or disclose their vaccination status will be required to adhere to the facial covering requirements while in city facilities at this time.

The State of Florida and the City of Gainesville currently remain under emergency order.