How Will Imagine GNV Address Inequity?

Imagine GNV is an update to the City of Gainesville’s Comprehensive Plan that centers racial equity and the experiences and priorities of Black Gainesvillians and other historically-marginalized communities.

From January through June 2021, working with historically-disadvantaged communities across Gainesville, city departments will:

  • Identify how current policies and actions reinforce inequity.
  • Propose new goals, policies and plans that address racial disparities and support the ability of Gainesvillians from all races and backgrounds to life a full, healthy life.
  • Establish clear ways to hold city leaders and staff accountable for addressing inequity.

By updating the Comp Plan and requiring that future city actions align with the city’s goals of addressing racial disparities, Imagine GNV will help ensure that more people will have access to:
  • Livable, accessible homes and easy ways to get around
  • A quality education and good paying jobs
  • Healthy food and affordable healthcare and childcare
As we work to make sure the city works for everyone, our city will be stronger.