Office Hours are Mon-Thu 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

  • Schedule a Community Resource Paramedicine (CRP) visit or refer a patient to the program 352-393-8300
  • Reach a CRP Technician concern your patient needs 352-318-4470
  • Take a CPR or First Aid Class: Register online or call Support Services at 334-5075.
  • Pay My Inspection Fee:   Please call the City Finance Dept. at 334-5024.
  • Comment on My Recent Service:  393-8378
  • Find my closest station and hydrant:  334-5078
  • Host an Event at Kiwanis' Safety City:  334-5065
  • Apply for a Job:  Contact Human Resources at 352-334-5077 for application information; contact 352-334-5075 for questions about certifications and testing.
  • Be a Volunteer (GFR does not have volunteer firefighter positions - only support positions):  Call 334-5065 and submit the volunteer form
  • Make a Donation to the Department:  334-5078
  • Complete a Fire Watch Form:  Fax to 352-334-2529


  • a KNOX BOX: Call 352-334-5065  (Knox Box order information; Knox Box installation requirements)
  • a Burn Permit: In Gainesville's city limits, call 334-5065. Outside the city limits, call the Division of Forestry at 352-395-4951.
  • a Report: for Fire Reports, call 334-5078; for Medical and Accident Reports, call 334-5075
  • Injury Prevention Training for Older Adults:  334-5065
  • Help Developing a Building Evacuation Plan:  334-5065
  • a Smoke Detector: Complete and fax the Smoke Detector form or call 334-5065
  • a Fire Company Visit My Location:  334-5065
  • a Visit to a Fire Station:  334-5065
  • a Ride-a-Long with a Fire Company: Call 334-5078  and complete and fax the Ride-Along Waiver
  • Fire Extinguisher Training: 334-5065
  • a Fire Safety Inspection: 334-5065
  • a Recruitment Visit: 334-5075 (Training Bureau)