Fire Assessment

The Special Assessment for Fire Services is based on several factors, including the total square feet of a building and its use.  These factors are combined to create a value for factored fire protection units (ffpu).  A rate per ffpu is established by the City Commission during annual budget adoption.  The rate is currently $133.00 per ffpu.  To learn more, refer to the Fire Assessment Memorandum for 2018.

Fire Assessment Truth In Millage (TRIM) Brochure

The annual TRIM brochure is included in the mailed TRIM notices to property owners by the Alachua County Property Appraiser.  

FY22 Fire Assessment TRIM (posted 7/13/21)

Fire Assessment Rate Resolutions  

FY22 Preliminary Rate Resolution (posted 7/19/21)

FY21 Final Rate Resolution

Building Hazard Classes

Hazard classifications HZ3, HZ4, HZ5, HZ6, and HZ7 are based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1142 Chapter 5.  The complete list can be viewed here.

Hardship Assistance Program  

The City of Gainesville offers a hardship assistance program for low-income seniors and residents.  The application period opens in January and closes May 1st each year prior to the preliminary calculation of taxes and assessments in August.  Check your August TRIM insert for details for late applications. Applications must be submitted each year that the program is available.  Eligibility requirements may be viewed in the application packet.

Sprinkler Credits and Mobile Home/RV Park Vacancy Adjustments  

2022 Sprinkler Credit (Fire Flow Mitigation) Application 

Approved Fire Sprinkler Credit List for Fiscal Year 2022 

The Fire Flow Mitigation (Sprinkler Credit) Application Status Report is posted in the link above. The pdf is sorted by parcel number. Parcel numbers can be found online at  Only sprinkler systems are eligible; other fire suppression systems are not included in the credit. The deadline for the application period closes May 1st each year. 

Mobile Home or RV Park Vacancy Adjustment applications must be submitted annually by May 1st.  See the form for instructions.

Questions about Fire Assessment?  Call Fire Rescue Administration at 352-334-5078 Monday through Thursday 7 am - 6 pm.

Building Size: Property owners who believe their buildings are a different size than indicated on their assessments should check their parcel information and building footprint on the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s website.  The assessment is based on TOTAL square footage, including garages, drive-throughs, covered walkways, and similar "under-roof" sections. If the “total” square footage still appears to be different than the actual building, please call Fire Administration at 352-334-5078.

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During the summer of 2010, the Gainesville City Commission evaluated the best way to pay for fire services. To assure that this essential service is adequately funded, the City Commission approved a Special Assessment for Fire Services.

Special Assessments for Fire Services are authorized by the Florida Constitution, are Florida court tested, and are currently being utilized by many local governments throughout Florida to fund fire services. Special Assessments for Fire Services may be used by local governments because fire services provide a special benefit by protecting property. An additional benefit is the lower insurance rates paid by property owners due to the availability of fire services.