Downtown Strategic Plan

The Downtown Strategic Plan will consider the past, present, and future of downtown Gainesville and its surrounding neighborhoods, and strategically outline opportunities, preserve what makes downtown special, and move downtown forward.

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April 20 Community Meeting

Thank you to the Gainesville neighbors who were able to join us at Bo Diddley Plaza on Wednesday, April 20 for our second community meeting. At this meeting, our team shared a draft vision for downtown and engaged in on-on-one conversations with Gainesville neighbors passionate about downtown’s future. If you were unable to join us at this event, or would like to share additional comments and feedback, you may view our presentation and access a brief online survey below.

View the Community Meeting 2 presentation

Answer a brief survey

Read our Task 1 Engagement Summary

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our process so far. With your help and passion, we have engaged more than 700 Gainesville voices through in-person and virtual meetings, online and paper surveys, and one-on-one conversations. Our team is excited to share what we have heard to date, as well as the key findings that will guide the remainder of this process. Please view the document shared in the link below and continue to stay involved in shaping a vision for downtown.

View the Task 1 Engagement Summary

View our Online Activities

There are still opportunities to continue sharing your ideas and input! Please visit our interactive online activities page linked below. This page includes an interactive map, an ideas wall and a brief online survey.

Visit our Online Activities

Vision 2035 (City Strategic Plan) – Principle 6: An alive/vibrant downtown:

  1. Choice of a variety of residential opportunities – types and price points
  2. Successful locally-owned retail businesses
  3. Destination for 18/7 living, working and experiencing
  4. Equitable development in adjacent neighborhoods
  5. Community gathering places to hangout or to have events and festivals
  6. Well-designed, well-maintained and attractive landscaping and buildings
  7. Additional “mid-rise” mixed-use buildings providing office and residential opportunities
  8. Neighbors and guests feeling safe with a well-lighted downtown
  9. Diverse mix of small locally-owned retail, national retailer and entertainment/unique experienced-based businesses

Who’s Listening

Erik A. Bredfeldt, PhD, AICP
City of Gainesville Economic Development and Innovation Director

Sarit Sela | City Architect, AIA, LEED AP
City of Gainesville Office of Capital Asset Planning & Economic Resilience

MKSK: Urban design and planning firm solving the complex issues of city life for the common good.

Development Strategies: National experts in real estate, economic development and public policy.

eda: Community focused planners, engineers and urban designers. SBE minority owned business with a 40-year commitment to Gainesville.

The Neighbor Advisory Group will be a representative voice of the Gainesville community that will directly guide the process. This group’s members are listed below:

  • > Terri Bailey
  • > Staci-Ann Bertrand
  • > John Fleming
  • > Matt Howland
  • > Jacob Ihde
  • > Adam Livay
  • > Jim O’Connell
  • > Dennayce Mavin
  • > Darcie MacMahon
  • > Sean McLendon
  • > Jeff McMullen
  • > Melissa Montilla
  • > Trevor Schneider
  • > Hoch Shitama
  • > Gigi Simmons
  • > Meg The Losen