Short-Term Rentals

Landlord permits are required for full house rentals including short-term rentals such as Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. if they are located in a single family residential zone (RSF-1; RSF-2; RSF-4; RC; all PDs designated for residential use at a density of more than eight dwelling units per acre; and all other PDs as may be specified in the rezoning ordinance).

Currently, this subject is being discussed by the City Commission. Additional information will be provided as it is received.

Every rental, as well as every residential property within the city limits of Gainesville, Florida, is subject to the city’s Code of Ordinances. These departments will assist with the following issues:

  • Code Enforcement - 352-334-5030 - Junk, trash, debris in the yard, also yard parking in yard  within the University Context Area

  • Gainesville Police Department - 352-955-1818 - noise or on street parking issues

  • Solid Waste - 352-334-2330 - Trash on the right-of-way, trash receptacles remaining at the curb, or overflowing garbage 

Issues can be reported through Gainesville's myGNV app, which can be downloaded from your app store or complaints can be submitted online at