Rental Housing Permits & Fees

On September 17, 2020 the Gainesville City Commission adopted the Rental Housing Ordinance which established annual permits, inspections, minimum energy efficiency, life safety and property maintenance standards for all residential rental units within the city.


Regulated Residential Unit is a room or rooms located in a condominium, co-op, timeshare, quadraplex, triplex, duplex, or single-family dwelling that is rented, or advertised or held out to be rented, for periods of at least 30 consecutive days or one calendar month (whichever is less). This definition expressly excludes public lodging establishments regulated by the state pursuant to F.S. Ch. 509, Pt.1, and dormitories.

Residential Rental Unit Permit Changes

Living Standards

Rights and Responsibilities

Rental Housing Webinar

Housing Discrimination Webinar


The following frequently asked questions were compiled from questions asked during the residential rental unit webinars.


After 2021, all renewal applications will be due by September 1. 



October 1, 2021 - Compliance inspections will begin. Written notice via certified mail will be sent to the owner and posted at the regulated unit at least seven calendar days prior to the city conducting the inspection. Each regulated unit must have a current annual permit and each regulated unit must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements. 



In 2021, all renewal applications are due by October 1, 2021. 



January 1, 2021 - each regulated unit must meet all requirements of the Property Maintenance Code. 


Contact: Phone: 352-334-5035

Fax: 352-334-2239


Address: P.O. Box 490

Station 10A

Gainesville, FL 32627-0490

Neighborhood Enhancement Manager: Peter Backhaus

Landlord Permit Coordinator: Melinda Bell