Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Inclusion Initiative (GINI)

About us

Welcome to the Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Inclusion (GINI) Initiative. This work started with the grant received from Gateways for Growth and New American Economy and by the efforts of local groups in the community, such as the Rural Women’s Health Project.

It was because of the acknowledgement of historical inequities and important opportunities that the Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Initiative started in 2021. In order to ensure broad community input, a diverse group of 60 community members from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, as well as foreign-born residents, were brought on to form GINI’s Steering Committee. Members of the committee split into five different working groups, each focused on a subject that best suited their interests and knowledge: safety, civic inclusion, language access, education and health.

The working groups met monthly over several months to discuss, in their respective themes, strategies and policy recommendations that the City of Gainesville and Alachua County could adopt to become more inclusive of immigrants. The full steering committee also met monthly to deliberate over the different ideas that resulted from each group and how to move forward with proposed strategies. As a way to ensure more direct community input, a survey was created and sent out to foreign-born neighbors from many different countries.