Financial & Operating Plan

Financial and Operating Plan (the city's budget), approved by the City Commission, outlines the city's revenues and expenditure allocations for upcoming fiscal years along with the key priorities, areas for remedial action and areas for focus locally. The operating framework also described the necessary planning framework for the coming financial year.

State of Florida Transparency in Financial Reporting:
- Local Government Financial Reporting for Counties, Municipalites, and Special Districts
- Local Government Reports Auditor General

Budget Documents
Budget Year Proposed Adopted Amendments
FY 2017
(Oct. 1, 2016-
Sept. 30, 2017)

FY17 Recommended Budget

FY17 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY 2016
(Oct. 1, 2015-
Sept. 30, 2016)

FY16 Proposed Budget
for Sept. 17, 2015 Budget Hearing

FY16 Tentative Budget
for Sept. 10, 2015 Budget Hearing

FY16 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY16 Budget in Brief

Amendment - Q2
 Amendment - Q1
FY 2015
(Oct. 1, 2014-
Sept. 30, 2015)

FY15 Proposed Budget
for Sept. 18, 2014 Budget Hearing

FY15 Tentative Budget
for Sept. 8, 2014 Budget Hearing

FY15-FY16 Proposed Financial & Operating Plan

FY15-16 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY15-FY16 Budget in Brief

FY15-FY16 Adopted Financial & Operating Plan

Amendment - Q4

Amendment - Q3

Amendment - Q2

Amendment - Q1

FY 2014
(Oct. 1, 2013-
Sept. 30, 2014)

FY14 Proposed Budget Summary

FY14 Tentative Budget
for Sept. 9, 2013 Budget Hearing

FY14 Proposed Budget in Brief 

FY14 Budget in Brief

FY13-14 Adopted Financial & Operating Plan

Amendment - Q3

Amendment - Q1

FY 2013
(Oct. 1, 2012-
Sept. 30, 2013)

FY13 Tentative Budget
for Sept. 10, 2012 Budget Hearing

FY13-FY14 Budget Highlights

FY13-FY14 Proposed Financial & Operating Plan

FY13-FY14 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY13 Budget in Brief

Amendment - Q4

Amendment - Q3

Amendment - Q2

Amendment - Q1

FY 2012
(Oct. 1, 2011-
Sept. 30, 2012)

FY2012 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY11-12 Proposed Financial & Operating Plan

FY11-12 Proposed Budget Highlights

FY11-12 Proposed Budget in Brief

FY12 Budget in Brief

Amendment - Q4

Amendment - Q3

Amendment - Q1

Five-Year Forecasts

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