Increased transparency and accessibility are key City of Gainesville priorities to foster greater public participation in projects. This web page features both external audits as well as reports to the Wild Spaces & Public Places (WSPP) Oversight Committee. Expenditures of WSPP funds must comply with, and be within the scope of, section 212.055 Florida Statutes, (“State Criteria”) and must also fall within the scope outlined in the Alachua County ordinance authorizing the referendum. 

The Wild Spaces & Public Places Department operates under the direction of the City Manager’s Office and receives project approvals and funding authorization by the City Commission. The WSPP Department reports to the WSPP Oversight Committee and is audited by a third party annually. 

Annual Reports:
Fiscal year 2019  
Fiscal year 2018

Fiscal year 2018,   
Fiscal year 2017

WSPP Oversight Committee Reports: 
Calendar year 2017