Progress of the Plan

Drafted Essential Elements, 8/14/19

The essential elements are the major components which are meant to realize the goals drafted by the Public Committee on Urban Forest Sustainability. They are drafted by the Internal Technical Advisory Committee and are presented to the Public Committee for final comments.

Public Survey Results as of 6/7/19

Includes graphical representations of answers; comments available upon request.

Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles, 4/23/2019

The Public Committee on Urban Forest Sustainability, a group comprised of a variety of stakeholders and individuals with varying expertise on trees and the urban forest, met three times to develop the vision and goals for the Plan. Click the link above to view the results of the effort!

Public Meeting Focus Group Notes, 4/8/19

On April 8, 2019, a public meeting was held at the Thomas Center to obtain more focused feedback from interested residents about Their Urban Forest. 

The Plan's Guiding Principles

View the draft of the guiding principles that will inform the technical development of the management plan. 

Full Project Narrative of the Urban Forest Management Plan 

This document details the purpose of the plan, how the plan will be developed, and the anticipated organization of the Urban Forest Management Plan, in detail.

Timeline of Your Urban Forest Management Plan

View the process outline of how the plan will be developed!

General Policy Committee Minutes, 10/12/2017

The minutes from the General Policy Committee meeting in which the committee directed city staff to begin work on the Urban Forest Management Plan. 


Last Updated    8/14/2019