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Tree Sponsor Program

The City of Gainesville’s Tree Sponsor Program aims to replenish Gainesville’s urban forest through the help of our compassionate citizens.  If you have an ideal location for one or more street trees near your home, we can install young trees for you to care for in the city right of way. 

The Urban Forestry Program plants new and replacement street trees in the city right-of-way each year. There is no additional cost to the adjacent property owner for tree planting, but the City does request that the property owner water the tree for the first three years after planting.

The species of tree to be planted on a specific street, along with the planting location, is determined by the City Horticulturalist. Every effort will be made to select a species compatible with the existing tree plantings on the street, the neighborhood identity, the mature size of the tree, space available for the tree to grow, the presence of underground and overhead utility lines, utility poles, streetlights, driveway approaches and fire hydrants.


Tree Sponsor Program Registration

By applying to have a street tree planted, the applicant:

  • Agrees to water the tree three times each week, year-round, of the first two years after planting. Amount of gallons to be used for each watering will vary between 5 gallons and 10 gallons depending on the size of the tree.
  • Understands that the tree is the property of the City of Gainesville and any major pruning or removal of the tree must be completed by city staff at their professional discretion. 

​All planting applications will be processed in the order they are received. Due to the number of applications received, actual planting can take up to a year after an application is received.  We take requests year round but planting occurs in the spring and fall only.  

If you would like to become a tree sponsor, fill out the registration form below or contact the City Horticulturalist at

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