Residential Bulk Pickup

Bulk Items

large sofas set out curbside for collectionBulk Item materials, such as furniture and large household items, are collected curbside weekly from residential homes in the City of Gainesville. For the collection of Appliances and Electronic materials for recycling, residents will need to make a collection appointment. There is no additional cost for these collection services. Only residential homes serviced through the City of Gainesville's Residential Curbside Service Program are eligible for this service.

Appliance Collection Appointment

Electronics Collection Appointment

Collection Guidelines for Bulk Item Pick Up

  • Place acceptable bulk items curbside for collection by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day (same day as your trash collection day). No appointment is needed for bulk item pick up.


  • Allow at least 4 feet of clearance between your trash cart and any bulk items set out for collection.
  • Carpeting must be set out in rolls, and each roll can be no longer than 5 feet in length or weighing more than 40 pounds.
  • Large outdoor items, such as basketball hoops, trampolines, and swing sets, will need to be disassembled into smaller pieces and concrete removed from the post.
  • Interior remodeling debris generated from “Do-It-Yourself” projects is limited to no more than 2 cubic yards per week, no pieces longer than 5 feet in length or no piece weighing more than 40 pounds. Smaller interior remodeling debris pieces such as broken tiles and wood scraps must be set out in personal reusable containers weighing no more than 40 pounds per container.
  • Interior remodeling debris generated from “Do-It-Yourself” projects is limited to no more than 2 cubic yards per week.
  • Place masking tape in a grid pattern across large glass items, such as glass tabletops, shower doors, and mirrors. This will help prevent the glass from shattering during collection.
  • > Bulk items should be collected on your regular scheduled service day; however, some bulk items may require additional handling and a return collection visit the following day.

Materials Accepted for Bulk Item Pick Up

  • Furniture – sofas, couches, chairs, dressers, tables, nightstands, mattresses, box springs, and bed frames
  • Exercise Equipment – bicycles, treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines
  • Large Household Items – vacuums, ironing boards, brooms, window blinds, and empty luggage.
  • Large Outdoor Items* – patio furniture, trampolines, swing sets, basketball backdrop, basketball poles, and BBQ grills (❌ Without the gas tank or coals)
  • Large Kid Items – bicycles, riding toys, kiddie pools, playsets, car seats, walkers, and strollers
  • Garden Tools – rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows and old trash containers
  • Interior Remodeling Debris* – toilets, sinks, cabinets, carpets, rugs, shower doors, mirrors, and glass tabletops

*Be sure to follow all collection preparation guidelines for Bulk Item Pick Up

Materials NOT Accepted for Bulk Item Pick Up

  • ❌ NO Commercial or Contractor generated waste – City of Gainesville Ordinance Chapter 27, Article III, Section 73 (11) requires that if a service contractor performs the interior remodeling, the contractor must haul off all interior debris.
  • ❌ NO Exterior Home Materials – pressure treated wood or planks, fencing, deck boards, outbuildings, doghouses, blocks, concrete, bricks, exterior drywall, shingles, pallets, well tanks, pool pumps, pool filters, garage doors, windows or metal drums.
  • ❌ NO Miscellaneous Trash or Garbage – trash set out loose, in boxes or in plastic bags (other than Official Yellow Bags).
  • ❌ NO Large Miscellaneous Items – pool tables, hot tubs, spas, above ground pools, pool covers, diving boards, pianos or organs.
  • ❌ NO Small Miscellaneous Items – flowerpots, garden hoses, clothes, small appliances or other waste which could fit inside your garbage cart or an Official Yellow Bag.
  • ❌ NO Hazardous Waste – paint, propane tanks (even if empty), auto batteries or fluorescent tubes.
  • ❌ NO Gas Engine Equipment or Car Parts – lawn mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, car bumpers or tires.