Residential Curbside Pickup

The Solid Waste Division coordinates the residential curbside waste and recycling pick-ups.

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Waste pickup inside the city limits of Gainesville is a part of your utilities so when you turn on your electricity, your waste service will also be activated and your monthly charge will be on your GRU Utility bill under the title of Refuse.  There should already be a garbage cart and an orange and blue recycle bin assigned to your residence.  You must determine if the garbage cart is the appropriate size for your needs.  If not, call customer service, 334-2330 within a 30-day period to avoid a cart-swap charge. There is a $13.50 charge to go up or down in size after the 30 day move-in period.

All pick-ups are scheduled for the same day.  A collection schedule map is provided to help determine your trash day.  If further assistance is needed to determine your day, call Customer Service, 334-2330.  An exception to this rule will be on a week with a designated holiday for the haulers.  In the case of a holiday schedule change, trash will be delayed one day starting from the holiday observed.

Curbside collection is picked up Tuesday through Thursday.

Solid Waste Division customer service is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  If you need to report a curbside collection miss after hours call customer service and leave a message with your name, address, phone number and what was missed and a representative will get back with you the next business day.  

Hazardous Waste is not part of the residential curbside pick-up.  Hazardous waste must be treated with care and disposed of properly. 

Last Update:  1/9/18