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What Is Gainesville Recycling?

Here’s a quick look at the percentage of recyclable materials collected curbside in the City of Gainesville for 2019. Please note that values are based on weight not volume (i.e., glass containers weigh a lot more than plastics bottles).

Donut graph of 2019 City of Gainesville residential curbside recyclable material collected (by weight), cardboard 22 percent, mixed paper 31 percent, plastics 12 percent, glass containers 30 percent, aluminum cans 2 percent, steel cans 3 percent, aseptics and cartons 0.01 percent

Mixed Paper includes: paperboard, newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, paper bags and phone books.

What Is the Market Value of Recycled Materials?

Here’s a quick look at the estimated current market value of recycled materials for the Gainesville area. Please note the market value of recycled materials fluctuate significantly depending on the demand and quality of the materials.

First quarter 2020 average market value of gainesville area recycled materials per ton, aluminum cans $996, plastics $280, steel cans $89, cardboard $60, mixed paper $1, glass containers -$23, aspetics and cartons -$48


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