Apartment/Condo Recycling

The City of Gainesville has a mandatory commercial recycling ordinance, Article III, Division III, Sec. 27-85.  All commercially-collected residential units shall establish a recycling program that includes recycling of all designated recyclable materials and is convenient and accessible to the residents.  

Some apartment/condo units will have recycle containers by the dumpster and others will have a recycling station. If a resident cannot find the recycling station, contact the office manager. If there is not a recycling station, contact Customer Service at 352-334-2330.  Your condo association may have also elected to use residential curbside service.

Apartment managers may contact waste@cityofgainesville.org or call 393-7964 for a brochure template they can customize for their particular apartment complex on instructions/locations of recycling containers.  These brochures may be handed out at the signing of the resident's lease.

The Solid Waste Division inspects each apartment/condo complex of five units or more for compliance of this ordinance. Tenant education and participation are critical in increasing the amount of recycling material collected from multi-family properties.

Check out the A-Z Recycling Source to find alternative ways to recycle unwanted items.