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Residential curbside recycling collection is managed by the City of Gainesville's Solid Waste Division. The Solid Waste Division also provides residential recycling collection for electronic items by appointment and sponsors other recycling programs. The Solid Waste Division is located at 405 NW 39th Avenue with weekday hours from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, except for scheduled holidays.

Please note that the Solid Waste Division offices are temporarily closed to all visitors for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

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Ready, Set, Recycle! Go to the Gainesville Recycling Resource Guide

Enjoy our easy to use Gainesville Recycling Resource Guide that helps you learn if something can be recycled, composted, donated, repaired, or resold. Just type in the name of the item, and the Recycling Resource Guide will provide you with the most up-to-date options for reuse and recycle options.

woman in red shirt showing what is on the screen of her laptop computerFrom Aerosol Cans to Zip Disks (and everything in between), the Recycling Resource Guide will tell you if an item is hazardous to handle, accepted curbside for recycling, or where it can be dropped off locally. By following the information provided in the Recycling Resource Guide, you’ll be helping to prevent good materials from going to the landfill and providing a second life for your items.

The Recycling Resource Guide is an informational directory to assist residents and businesses with finding local options for the sustainable management of unwanted materials. Please be sure to confirm with drop-off locations before arriving to verify site location, materials accepted, and hours of operation.

Visit to jumpstart your journey on the roadway to zero waste!

Recycle Your Holiday Lights! Free Recycling Drop-off Locations

bundle of old Christmas light strings with colorful bulbsAre you looking to refresh your holiday decorations but don’t know what to do with all those old, broken, burned-out, impossibly tangled sets of holiday lights leftover from last year?

Good News! The City of Gainesville is ready to help you recycle those old sets of holiday lights. You can drop-off old sets of holiday lights for recycling at the City of Gainesville Public Works Facility located at 405 NW 39th Ave. from November 16th through January 29th. No set is too tangled to be recycled!
  • ✅ ACCEPTED: Light strings with incandescent, LED, and “icicle” lights, along with wires and attached bulbs.
  • ❌ NOT ACCEPTED: Fluorescent tubes, Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), Bubble lights, Liquid-filled lights, or Neon lights (These items can be recycled at Alachua County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center).

holiday lights recycle collection cart in front of buildingDROP-OFF DETAILS: Look for the Holiday Lights recycling container just outside the main office doors. Please only drop-off lights during daylight hours and remove light strings from packing material and bags before dropping them off for recycling.

Holiday lights can also be recycled at any one of the five Alachua County Rural Collection Centers and the Alachua County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. For more information on these drop-off locations, visit Alachua County Drop-Off Centers.

Replacing old incandescent lights can save you money on your electric bill. LED lights use 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED lights also last up to 100,000 hours versus only 3,000 hours from incandescent lights.

For more information, call 352-334-2330.

Reminder: ❌ Do not place holiday lights in your home recycle bins.