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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) makes recommendations to the Gainesville City Commission, the *Alachua County Commission and the *Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (MTPO) on all matters concerning planning, implementation, and maintenance of policies, programs, and facilities for the safe and efficient integration of bicycle and pedestrian transportation into the Gainesville Metropolitan Area and Alachua County transportation systems. This includes, but is not limited to, the design of roadway bicycle facilities, shared use paths, sidewalks, jogging paths, hiking trails, bicycle parking, and the enforcement of motor vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle safety regulations. The Board makes recommendations to the Commissions and the Metropolitan MTPO regarding budgetary matters in connection with its duties. The BPAB consists of citizen volunteers who have a special interest and expertise in bicycle and pedestrian issues. The City Commission, County Commission, and MTPO each appoint four members. In addition, one student seat is appointed. Since the board members are appointed by different agencies, each agency may have different guidelines, attendance policies, and other procedures which apply to members.

BPAB Inter-local Agreements

The City of Gainesville entered into agreements with Alachua County and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MTPO) to establish funding and agency responsibilities for BPAB. The agreements were officially ratified in 2002. City Agreement with County / City Agreement with MTPO

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Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 7:00 pm Regular Meeting Alachua County Admin. Building 2nd FL/ Grace Knight Conf. Rm. 12 S.E. 1st Street, Gainesville, FL. 32601.



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BPAB Meeting Location:  Meeting location and dates are subject to change.

Alachua County Administration Building

Grace Knight Conference Room (2nd floor)
12 SE 1st Street
Gainesville, Florida.

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