Forms and Applications

Listed below are applications for review by the Planning Department, as well as guides for the process and submittal requirements.

Land Development Fees:

Land Development Fees

Applications: New Development

EPlan Site Plan Application

Special Use Permit Application

Review Board Variance Application

City Plan Board Application - Zoning or Land Use Change 

City Plan Board Application - Text Amendment

Mailing Label Application For Neighborhood Workshop

Public Meeting Sign Affidavit

Applications: Infrastructure and Environment

Regulated Natural Resources Review Exemption Application

Environmental Review Application

Tree Removal Permit Application

Wellfield Exemption

Wellfield Protection Permit

School Concurrency Form

Concurrency Exemption Application

Traffic Study Review Application

Nighttime Construction Exception Request

Applications: Lots and Property

E911 Address Request

Subdivision Application

Lot Split Application

Vacate Public Right-Of-Way Application

Historic Preservation - Property Tax Exemption Application (Part 1)

Historic Preservation - Property Tax Exemption Application (Part 2)

Applications: Existing Businesses

Alcoholic Beverage License Application

Doggy Dining Application

Sign Permit Worksheet

Interim Sign Permit

Sign Face Change Permit

Zoning Verification Form

Zoning Letter Request

Sidewalk Cafe Annual Application

Applications: Miscellaneous

Airport Obstruction Permit

Emergency Declaration Extension

Administrative Modification Application

Density Bonus Points Manual 

Property Owner Affidavit

Updated November 11, 2017