First Step Assistance

The First Step Center is the City of Gainesville’s permit and development assistance center. The center provides a free and convenient, one-stop location where citizens, business owners, and/or developers receive development and permitting information from several city departments at one time. Whether you are looking to add an addition to your home or build an 8-story building:

We're here to help!

What should I bring

To get the most out of your First Step meeting, bring as much information as possible about your project, such as a survey, set of plans of the existing site or a sketch of your proposed development. There are no specific requirements for materials you need to provide but the better information you give us, the better information we can return to you.

What information is provided?

During your First Step meeting, City staff from relevant departments will provide you preliminary information to help you get your project started. During the meeting we will walk you through the permitting process, detail the availability of utilities at your site, and identify any needs that must to be addressed with the design and layout of your project. By meeting with all the applicable city representatives at one time you can save time and be sure that you and the City are on the same page.

How do I make a First Step appointment?

To request a First Step appointment, please fill out our First Step Request online form. Meetings are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings between 8:30am and 12pm in the Thomas Center, Building B, 306 NE 6th Avenue in Gainesville.

Schedule a First Step

If you have questions but don't feel ready for a First Step you can contact us at 352-334-5023 or by email at