Citizen Access

Citizen Access Public Portal

Citizen Access is a public portal where you can find information on planning projects, permits, and inspections. 

Searching Tips and Instructions

To search by Application Number:
  • Project numbers include a two letter prefix, followed by the two digit year abbreviation, and a five digit sequence number (XX-YY-00123)
  • Prefixes for Planning Projects indicate the type of review or reviewing board (e.g. PB=City Plan Board)
  • Partial searches will result in a range of projects (e.g. DB-10 will show in all projects requiring Development Review Board approval for the year 2010)
  • Results can be sorted by address or by project status by selecting the View mode in the upper right corner of the search window
 To search by Address:
  • Enter a specific address or for more successful searches use a range
  • Enter only the street name or number, not street directions
  • Street address numbers should be entered as five digits (e.g. enter 36 as 00036).


Instruction Guide