Trees Removal, Replacement and Hurricane Irma


The City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department (PRCA) would like to advise citizens about how to address trees on their property in the wake of Hurricane Irma. When replacing damaged trees, it is important to recognize that not all are the same, especially when it comes to storm damage.

Weak, weedy tree species such as laurel oak, water oak, hackberry and maple are susceptible to toppling and breakage. Well-adapted trees with good structure resist wind damage and buffer our homes and neighborhoods from the ravages of storms. PRCA’s urban forestry staff maintains a list of long-lived, resilient tree species for our area to help select a suitable replacement for a tree damaged or destroyed by the storm.

PRCA can also provide information regarding tree removal permits if needed for potentially hazardous trees. Please remember that many trees within city limits require permits for removal.

Property owners also have the opportunity to help establish a long-lived, wind resistant, shade tree canopy by becoming a Street Tree Sponsor. Sponsors volunteer to care and maintain a tree planted by PRCA on the city right-of-way of their property.

For more information on the Street Tree Sponsor Program or tree selection, please visit or call 352-393-8171. For tree removal permits, please call 352-393-8181 or visit

For more media inquiries and interviews, please contact Linda Demetropoulos, nature operations manager, at 352-393-8445.