Preserving Gainesville's Natural Areas for Education, Recreation, and the Future...

Come volunteer with
Nature Operation Division
Would you like to find out more about volunteer opportunities with Nature Operations? You can
make a difference in your local conservation lands right here in Gainesville!

City of Gainesville Offers Family Fun Naturally!
Providing opportunities for family fun comes naturally for the City of Gainesville's Department of Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs Nature Operations Division. Mark your calendar for the many
activities and events.

Discover Florida as it was!
Gainesville's Natural Treasures can be found throughout the city. You can stroll along a trail deep in the woods, walk a boardwalk edging a blackwater stream, take a class to become familiar with the fascinating wildlife, or step back in time over 130 years on a ten-acre Living History Farm. Visit the spring where Gainesville began or ride your bicycle or horse on the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail. Enjoy some of the best bird watching in North Florida, observe butterflies busy at wildflowers, and hear frogs calling for mates.

Nature parks are an integral part of the reason Gainesville is one of the best places in the U.S. to live... there is a sanctuary within minutes of wherever you are in the city. See these treasures for yourself... get to know your nature parks.