The City of Gainesville is dedicated to training all city employees in areas pertinent to equal opportunity policies. It is the city’s belief that through committed effort of education that the incidents of discrimination and harassment will decrease over time.

Annual Mandatory Diversity Training for All Employees

This training is designed to provide all employees a broad perspective on the issue of diversity and how it impacts the workforce.  The training focuses on:  (1) employees completely understand their rights and responsibilities regarding discrimination, harassment and inappropriate conduct, (2) reviewing all equal opportunity policies and procedures including ADA, and (3) being sensitive to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and recognizing our differences.   Beginning in 2016, this mandatory training is now offered every year to all employees.

New Employee Orientation

Starting in December 2015, the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) began participating in new employee orientation and educates all new employees on all equal opportunity policies and shares insight on resources provided by our office.  The OEI segment is designed to give employees an overview of the city's equal opportunity policies and other related policies.  Specific attention is given to Policies 4 and 5, which cover discrimination and harassment, as well as retaliation.  In addition, employees are given a broad perspective on the issue of diversity and how it impacts the workplace.

Customized Training

These courses are provided to meet specific equal opportunity related needs of city departments and other organizations as identified or requested.

Operational Diversity Workplan Training

This three-hour course is designed to assist managers in understanding the city's voluntary Affirmative Action Plan and provides them the information necessary to successfully complete their annual departmental/division Operational Diversity Work Plans.  The OEI staff provides annual guidance on the contents of the work plan to all hiring managers and supervisors. 

Please visit our contact us page to sign you and/or your team up for training or for more information.