City Readies for Start of Storm Season with New safeGNV Website


On Wednesday, June 1, the City of Gainesville officially launches a new event and emergency information website,  The launch of the website coincides with the beginning of hurricane season in Florida, and is intended to keep Gainesville’s citizens informed, connected and safe. safeGNV is an initiative of citizen-centered Gainesville, which was formally adopted by the City Commission earlier this year. The purpose of safeGNV is to better connect citizens to each other, to information that impacts their daily lives and to serve an emergency preparedness tool. 

According to City Manager Anthony Lyons, the need for such a platform is clear, “Currently, if something of importance is going on in the community, there is no centralized point of information.  Whether you are interested in real-time traffic and weather updates, or seeking information of how to get your family prepared for hurricane season, safeGNV fills an important need in keeping Gainesville’s citizens informed and connected.”

Key features of the site include a dynamic map that displays traffic and weather information, bus routes, emergency shelters, evacuation routes, as well as emergency preparedness guides and resources.  safeGNV also delivers an active Twitter feed that provides citizens with pertinent updates from official and partner organizations.   Whether you are wondering if the roads are clear in your part of town, or what supplies you should have on hand for hurricane season, safeGNV aims to keep you connected, informed and, ultimately, safe.  

The City of Gainesville - a city designed with our citizens; our purpose is our people. For more information about safeGNV, please contact Carrie Bush, director of citizen-centered Gainesville at or 352-393-8791.