Recycle Tires for Free June 29 at the Tire Roundup


Mosquito Control is holding a Tire Roundup Saturday, June 29 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Public Works Center (405 NW 39th Ave), in conjunction with National Mosquito Awareness Week June 23-29. At the event, city residents may bring up to six tires (removed from the rims) to the center for recycling.

Tire recycling helps eliminate breeding grounds for mosquito species, such as the Asian tiger mosquito, which is the key species for zika and dengue viruses. Asian tiger mosquitoes thrive in containers holding water, so residents are encouraged to empty uncovered buckets holding water and recycle old tires in an effort to beautify our community and help keep our mosquito populations low.

For more information about the Tire Roundup, please call 352-393-8287.