Hurricane Irma Debris Pick-Up Update #7


The Solid Waste Division and Waste Corporation of America (WCA), the city’s contracted waste pick-up supplier, are diligently working to pick up yard and tree debris from residential neighborhoods.

To date, the city has removed more than 28,500 cubic yards of vegetative debris from residences. Debris will be inspected and provided to the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC) or recycled as mulch whenever possible.

The zone storm debris pick-up map, with work orders and service requests, may be viewed at

Claw trucks for larger debris working east of US 441 will be working zones 13, 15 and 26, they will move into zone 14 next. Trucks working west of US 441 are in zones 5, 7 and 17, they will move into zone 6 next. Yard trash crews are continuing to work on typical Thursday routes this week. Normal weekly  yard debris collection schedules have not resumed due to the heavy amount of storm debris. Debris removal efforts are expected to continue into November.

Please keep debris piles away from structures and items that could be damaged by pick-up and make sure there is no litter or construction debris included.

City residents may also drop off tree debris only, with a driver’s license and utility bill to verify they are residents, at :

  • 20 Acre Borrow Pit - 4100 NE 73rd Avenue in Fairbanks
  • Old N.W. Landfill - 15530 NW 173rd St. (CR 235A) in Alachua