Solar Charging Stations Now Available


Ten solar charging stations are now available in the city through a public/private partnership with Gainesville-based Pure Energy Solar.  The charging stations will allow citizens and visitors to charge their phones, laptops, tablets, batteries and other rechargeable devices such as battery powered wheelchairs.

The Solar Charging Stations are 100% solar powered with battery storage, allowing energy generated during the day to be used at night. In addition to being a convenient way to charge devices while out and about, they can be counted on as a reliable source of power during outages such as those recently experienced due to Hurricane Irma.

City officials worked with Pure Energy Solar to identify 10 locations best suited to benefit the community. The sites include bus stops, parks and other high pedestrian and bicycle areas around the city. They will be located at Depot Park, Possum Creek Park, Cone Park, Westside Park, Northeast Pool, RTS Butler Plaza transfer station, the Rosa Parks Bus Transfer Station, 6th Street bus stop near the Rail Trail, the Helyx/DNA Bridge and City Hall. The Solar Charging Stations will remain at these locations during the six-month pilot program at no cost to the city.  After the pilot program is complete, the city may purchase the units.

This partnership helps highlight Gainesville’s commitment to innovation, community building, alternative energy and to being citizen-centered.

More information about Pure Energy’s two models of Solar Charging Stations (the Smart Charger and Solar Bench), a map of the locations and an interactive tool to allow users to provide suggestions and comments can be found at: