City Manager Releases Recommended FY18-19 Budget, Aided by Open Budget Platform


Gainesville City Manager Anthony Lyons has released his Recommended Budget in Brief for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 to the Gainesville City Commission and general public aided by the online budget tool, Open Budget. Web users may view and interact with the proposed FY18-19 budget through the Open Budget platform. Both the City Manager’s FY18-19 Recommended Budget in Brief document and the online tool are available on the City of Gainesville’s website at

Open Budget features both summary and detailed data on city revenues and where those revenues are proposed to be spent. Citizens can also customize their individual experience by looking at Gainesville’s budget at a high level, by fund or department, or more narrowly by program or revenue source.

The City Commission has scheduled a special budget meeting for Tuesday, July 18 to review and to set the preliminary fire assessment rate, the proposed millage rate and the proposed tentative budget for FY18-19. The final FY18-19 budget will be approved and adopted by the City Commission in September 2017.