How You Can Shape the Plan

The City of Gainesville cannot address problems it cannot see or represent your interests and priorities unless it understands them.

Imagine GNV offers a new approach to how the city will work with communities across Gainesville to represent your interests as we build a better future. Historically, a small share of residents participates in public meetings for plan updates. These participants, who tend to own property and have higher incomes, can rally their neighbors to oppose projects they are concerned about, or advocate for their priorities. Those who suffer most from a lack of neighborhood investment and resources, such as low-income residents in need of more affordable housing options, tend to participate less in community planning sessions.

We need your participation now and moving forward for this approach to be successful. Because Imagine GNV is focused on racial inequity and developing strategies that address the needs of Black, non-white, low-income and other underrepresented residents, we are committed to working with residents, community organizations and businesses who have historically not been involved in the drafting of past plans.

You may choose to:

Share your perspective and insights so that the city and partners better understand inequity that you see in the city and how investment can improve quality of life.

Attend a Community Listening Session to inform city departments’ understanding of the roots of inequity and the lived experiences of Gainesville residents.

Host a community-led discussion at your workplace, community or neighborhood to help define goals, review proposed updates to the plan, and weigh in on how to keep the city accountable.