Imagine GNV

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In Gainesville today, who you are determines where you live and much about your life outcomes.

Imagine GNV will confront longstanding racial disparities to help make Gainesville a place that works for everyone. 

Over six months, City of Gainesville departments will partner closely with communities historically left out of the planning process, including predominantly Black communities. Together, we will identify how current city policies and actions reinforce racial inequity and lift up policies and practices that will broaden access to affordable homes, quality education, good paying jobs, and thriving neighborhoods.

The plan we develop together, Imagine GNV, will lay out priorities and actions the city can take over the next decade to reinvest in marginalized communities, address the historic and current impacts of structural racism, and guide decisions affecting nearly every aspect of life in Gainesville.

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Comprehensive Plan Requirements

At a minimum, the state requires that the Comprehensive Plan follow certain guidelines. Imagine GNV will comply with these guidelines, while adding in new goals and strategies to improve quality of life citywide.

 - The plan must be updated at least every 10 years.

 - The plan must include goals, policies, and plans for:

       > Housing
       > Improvements of buildings, infrastructure, and other capital assets
       > Conservation of natural and agricultural resources
       > Cultural affairs
       > Future land use
       > Historic preservation
       > Intergovernmental coordination
       > Potable water/wastewater management
       > Public school facilities
       > Recreation
       > Solid waste
       > Stormwater management
       > Transportation mobility

The Comprehensive Plan is managed by the City of Gainesville’s Department of Sustainable Development. Points of contact in charge of this round of updates to the plan include:

Andrew Persons has been a planner with the city for the better part of the last decade. He is looking forward to building a new comprehensive plan centered on racial equity and informed by meaningful engagement with neighbors. Erik Bredfeldt works in the economic development space citywide for the City of Gainesville and has city real estate, capital asset planning and special projects in his portfolio.
Anne Wolf has devoted the past decade to community-building, equity and engagement. She’s excited to work with local neighbors to plan an equitable and inclusive future for the city of Gainesville.  Ben Howort has spent his career working with youth and adults building stronger communities. He is passionate about justice, democratic education, coaching and consensus decision-making processes.

HR&A Advisors is supporting the City of Gainesville throughout the process of updating the plan. HR&A is a mission-driven advisory firm whose work aims to help improve city life by connecting individuals and communities to the resources they need to build a better future. HR&A has managed some of the most complex citywide and neighborhood plans in the country and is at the forefront of creating equitable city strategies across the country.