Public Education for Youth

Junior Fire Academy (JFA)                 Learn about the JFA (video)

JFA is a program for middle school students with a keen interest in the fire service. The JFA is held one week during the summer. Gainesville Fire Rescue selects the top candidates to attend the program through an application process. Classes are held at the Kiwanis Safety City complex at 825 NE 13th Street next to the Gainesville Fire Rescue Administration building and at the different fire rescue stations. Candidates will tour fire stations, learn and use fire hoses, fire extinguishers, ladders and other equipment used by firefighters on a daily basis.  In addition, students will get to practice what they learn by putting out fires and practicing first aid skills. At the end of the week, each graduate will receive a certificate and a Junior Firefighter badge.

2018 Junior Fire Academy Flyer

For an application call Krista Ott at 393-8461 or email

Child Safety Seat Inspection

Call 352-393-8461 or 352-334-5078 to learn about car seat inspection, installation, and reduced-cost car seats.

Fire Safety Clown Video

This short video will help reinforce fire-safe steps for kids to take in emergencies. To request a DVD copy of this video, contact the Gainesville Fire Rescue Risk Reduction Bureau at 352-334-5065.

Operation Extinguish!   Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention

Juvenile fire-setters accounted for at least half (50%) of those arrested for arson in 2001. Child set fires remain the leading cause of fire deaths among preschoolers, accounting for nearly two-fifths of such deaths in recent years.  Most of the people killed by child set fires are under six years of age. Victims of these fires are not limited to the children who play with fire.  When children play with lighters, the fatal victims are often younger siblings or playmates of the children who started the fires.

Gainesville Fire Rescue offers a Firesetter Intervention Program called Operation Extinguish that may be able to help curb this undesirable activity.  There is no charge for our service, and all information is kept strictly confidential.  Although we are not counselors, we have been trained to provide the proper course of action needed after our evaluation of the situation.  Our evaluation will determine whether the child is just in need of additional fire safety education (which we will provide) or if the child is in need of professional counseling (which we can make referrals for services free of charge).  If you know of a child (ages 2-17) that you believe may benefit from our program, please contact us at 352- 334- 5065.

Kiwanis Safety City

GFR Photo of Kiwanis Safety CityKiwanis Safety City is a two-acre child-sized complex developed to teach children safety in a secure and fun learning environment.  With phase one construction complete, Safety City is able to provide lessons on fire, electrical, bicycle, and pedestrian safety.  Children love the interactive programs and the ability to learn in a hands-on, kid-friendly setting.  Groups of 15 or more children ages five and up are welcome to schedule a visit to Safety City.  Complete the online form or call 352-334-5065 to reserve your visit. 

Kids Challenge

Young children can experience the excitement of competing with each other to spray a fire hose and rescue a dummy during the Kids' Combat Challenge.  This activity is often set-up during City-sponsored events such as the Spring Arts Festival.  For more information call the Risk Reduction Bureau at 352-334-5065. 

Camp Amigo - Children's Burn Camp

Camp Amigo is a one-week summer camp for children that are burn victims. Camp Amigo provides kids who may have physical and emotional scars with a place to be themselves and build a network of support that will last throughout their lives. The camp is fully funded by private donations and the campers stay free of charge. To find out more information on attendance or for making donations, please visit their website at:

Explorer Post 972

Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Explorer Post 972 is a program geared towards high school students interested in the fire service as a career. Visit the GFR Support Services Division Section for details on this exciting program for future GFR firefighters:

Support Services Firefighter Training/Education