Public Education


Fire Prevention



Knowing what to do in the event of a fire is very important. More important still is the prevention of a fire. Take the time to inspect your home for possible safety hazards, bare wires, and improperly operating heating equipment.
Fire prevention is something the entire family may participate in. Encourage children to assist with checking the home for hazards.By taking the time to carefully inspect your home for possible hazards, you may prevent a major catastrophe later on.


Fire Escape Plans

In every location, especially homes, an escape plan should be developed and practiced.  Please refer to the National Fire Protection Association for details on developing your plan.



  1. Prepare a floor plan of your home showing at least two ways out of each room.
    Install Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (if fuel burning appliances in home)
  2. Sleep with your bedroom door closed. It helps to hold back heat and smoke.
    Agree on a fixed location out-of-doors where family members are to gather for a head count
  3. Make certain that no one goes back inside.
    Practice - Practice - Practice


Stop, Drop, and Roll…Then, Get Out and Stay Out!

Drawing of girl crawling below smokeShould you be caught in smoke, CRAWL! Smoke rises, so stay close to the floor where the air will be less toxic.

Clothing, should it ignite, will burn rapidly. If your clothes ignite:

DO NOT RUN. STOP, DROP, AND ROLL! Then get out and stay out!

Don’t re-enter the burning structure to retrieve valuables or attempt the rescue of pets. Nothing is more valuable than your life. 

Project Get Alarmed!

Gainesville Fire Rescue has been actively involved in installing free smoke detectors for many years.  Thanks to Project Get Alarmed, many homes in the Gainesville area now have smoke detectors that otherwise, would be without.  

To obtain an application you may; click on the web link below, call 352-334-5065, or stop by any Gainesville fire station to pick up an application.  Once the paperwork is completed, the forms are forwarded to the closest fire station to your home that will call and schedule an appointment to install the smoke detector(s).  The State of Florida and private contributors donate these detectors to GFR annually therefore; there is no charge for this service. 

If you have smoke detectors and are not able to install them or change the batteries because of a disability, contact our office for assistance at 352-334-5065. 

Project Get Alarmed Smoke Detector Request

Operation Safe Club is now called Safe Assembly Training

In response to numerous occurrences of loss of life in public assembly occupancies throughout the nation, the Risk Reduction Bureau championed the need in 2007 for an Ordinance requiring trained crowd managers in such occupancies. Public assembly occupancies, defined as having a capacity of hosting more than 50 individuals, must have a trained crowd manager on sight to ensure their facility does not engage in overcrowding, maintains a fire safe environment, and provides timely direction for evacuation of patrons in the event of an emergency.

In addition to the creation of a local requirement for public assembly occupancies to maintain trained personnel in fire safety and crowd management concepts, the City of Gainesville though Gainesville Fire Rescue has committed its staff for the purpose of training citizens. 

Contact 334-5065 for information and class dates for Safe Assembly Training