About Risk Reduction

The Risk Reduction Bureau (RRB) of Gainesville Fire Rescue is responsible for enforcing the Florida Fire Prevention Code, which includes the National Fire Protection Association 1 ,101 Life Safety Code, and Chapter 10 of the City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances addressing Fire Prevention. Chapter 633 of Florida Statute designates responsibility to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to conduct fire inspections within its community should it have fire prevention capabilities. The City of Gainesville (AHJ) assigns this responsibility to Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Risk Reduction Bureau. In our effort to fulfill this responsibility, our staff works to; reduce the level of risk within our Community, to our Citizens, our Visitors, and our First Responders.

Risk Reduction Bureau activities include: fire and life safety code interpretation, fire inspections, plans review, night inspections of public assemblies, post fire investigation, issuance of burn permits, issuance of fireworks permits, complaint investigations, designation of fire watches, injury prevention and public education. Inspections of new commercial buildings after one year of occupancy, periodic inspections of existing commercial structures, as well as the inspection of occupancies presenting potential for significant life safety concerns fall within the objectives of this Bureau.

The Uniform Fire Code which is adopted by the State of Florida and is part of the Florida Fire Prevention Code, Section gives the AHJ authority to conduct and inspect, at reasonable times, any building or premises for dangerous or hazardous conditions as set forth by the code.

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