Mayor Ed Braddy (At-large)

Mayor Ed Braddy
Term 1 - 2013-2016

Ed Braddy has served as Mayor of Gainesville since May 2013. During this time, he has guided the city through two budget cycles, initiated the Small Business Task Force, facilitated the approval of the Butler Enterprises expansion, the opening of the Empowerment Center as well as a new Police Headquarters and RTS Maintenance Facility, and he led the effort to restore NW 8th Ave back to four lanes. Mayor Braddy has also led three delegation trips of community leaders to promote Gainesville in Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Mayor Braddy brings prior public service experience. From 2002-2008, he was a city commissioner who chaired the city’s Public Safety Committee.  Mayor Braddy believes strongly in developing partnerships throughout the community and has worked to strengthen relationships with the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, School Board of Alachua County, Gainesville Housing Authority, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and others.

Mayor Braddy is a graduate of both Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. He also has a Master’s degree from James Madison University in Virginia. Finally, and most importantly, he is a father of five children, ages 8 to 17, who attend PK Yonge Developmental Research School. 


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